New Worlds

If you don’t like the world around you then create a new one.

That’s what your art-gift is for. Imagine yourself as a kind of artist paratrooper.  You’ve been dropped into this world with paint brush,laptop,etc to begin an assignment.  As soon as your feet hit the ground you disconnect from your chute.  This parachute of course would resemble an artist’s colour wheel from above with all the primary and secondary hues in pie slice shapes. What a great little image we have going here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to re-create your world and for the better.

There is always the antithesis of course.  We can learn a lesson from this , I think.  Take the Third Reich or Nazi regime of the 40’s.  It used colour and art for evil purposes. It’s goal was to aggressively subjugate some to extol others and namely one man; one corrupted and sick mind.  I hope you will never fly those kinds of colours or use your creativity for such insanity.

A lot of the artistic process is simply organization or re-organization.  We take our ‘heavens’ and separate them from the ‘waters’ below; our ‘lights’ from our ‘darks’.  Well you get the picture. We bring peaceful order or unified chaos to the elements we are given.  We mix our dreams on palettes and then with a wave of our hands create or rather, re-create new vistas.

So if you are ever wondering why you are creative then this is it.  In our society the “why” is confused with monetary connotations.  Sure be paid for your work if you want that”s one way people say ‘thanks’.

If, however, you work just to climb a a celestial tower to there sit and be praised then who do you think you are?

Maybe you’re feeling down and muse as to why you create then remember your mission.  It’s not all about you or I.  It’s about creating a better place.  A place to share with others and to ignite their imaginations to travel to new worlds.  Keep creating.  Do what you do.  Keep going. Soldier on!

Below:  I can’t remember where I got this image from.  If I stole it from your blog then I apologize.  It seems fitting.  Thanks for reading.


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