Lie a Little

“My art is just not good enough”

Have you ever felt that way?  It’s common for artists to overcompensate in the humility department.  We love to self-flagelate. Since art seems up there with the divine both in the ecstasy involved in creation and the romantic swooning experienced in its contemplation then it’s only natural that our psyche’s try to adjust to a normal balance by tearing down the things we have built.  This can be an energy -burst of destruction allowing us to rebuild or it can and often is our own verbal criticism of something so close to us.

Sure sometimes we put out some bad crap.  It happens.  A lot of the time, though, we are lying to ourselves about self worth and diminished ability.

Is it TRUE?  Is there nothing to redeem in that sculpture, that painted canvas before us?  Is all of our work so bad?  These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

Have we created something of value in the past?  Most likely.  It seems rare that true artists turn to art just for acclamation and praise alone.  In fact, I think,it’s the ability to be sensitive to what we have brought forth into existence that gets us in trouble in the first place, . We want to please so we give sacrificially and perfectly. It seems to us it’s never good enough. This is where a little lying comes in.

You’ve heard it said you need to fight fire with fire.  

Try lying a little to fight another  lie.  We’re not talking about breaking any Commandments here. Perhaps our initial truth/criticism of our own work isn’t so accurate after all. Maybe we just need to start over and the first step is too say:”Everyone puts out one bad piece once in awhile” and “Well, my work isn’t so bad really, in fact, it’s really quite good.”

You might even get to the point where you can say, “Hey now that’s one  fine piece of work I did!”

Things aren’t always what they appear to be!

Post Script:  hmmm?  I’m not so sure this is such a good post?  hmmm.  “Hey it’s a great post!!!”

Did I say that out loud? ha …kidding of course.

Thing to be Added:  These meditations of course are to help me with my own self-talk at times and hopefully do some good in the world for you,the reader.I don’t have a degree in psychiatry or counselling. I know a few creatives and some seem prone to (what should  I say?) seasons of unsurety.  Like Garfield’s Odie, others appear hardly affected by their perceived failures.  They brood not, neither do they weep.  Or so it seems at least.  I was never one of the latter. I think I’m in the middle some where…I hope anyway. Thanks for reading!


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