Play it Once, Sam. (For old times sake.)


Ah..good ole Sam. Now he’s a dependable person. He shares a rare connection as friend between both Ilsa and Rick in the story of Casablanca.

He attempts to get Ilsa not to insist on playing an old song that ties his friend Rick and her together. He knows the emotional pain it will bring Humphrey Bogart’s character. In another scene he tries to temper Rick’s plunge into an alcohol fueled depression. Believe it or not, Sam’s (Arthur Wilson), role in the story is very important. He often represents or becomes the very backbone of motivation for Rick Blaine only proving further that a good loyal friend is one’s greatest ally. Boy can he sing and play the piano! Yes…the bow tie is on purpose.


You can see my version of Captain Louis Renault (Claude Rains) above.  He ‘s a bit of a ladies man and an opportunist. To say more might give you a bit of a plot spoiler if you’ve never seen the movie Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart. He seems to   dislike  the Nazi invasion of France ( Vichy France at this point) yet plays a compromiser at first hoping to avoid violence.  The stripes in the back of my drawing are an attempted homage to the French flag.  In order to get the correct tonal differences in black and white I downloaded a colour flag into a photo manipulation program (CorelDraw) and then converted the image to grayscale.

I’ve always liked drawing cartoon faces of people. I couldn’t really tell you why. Perhaps it’s that shy, reclusive side of me that I’ve always struggled with my whole life. If I live to be really old ( that’s older than 48,ha) I will likely be one of those seniors that instead of having a house full of pet cats I’ll have caricatures of all my favorite movie and TV personalities hanging around me.  O well. Guess that’s harmless anyway!  That being said, still looking forward to showing you the full cast BUT there’s a few more to come…for old times sake.  See ya next post guys!


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