Paris on Canvas (final part)


In this last post on the Paris on Canvas project ( which was a birthday gift for my daughter) we will deal with the finishing touches.  The picture on the left above is where we left off the last time.  The one on the far right is where we are heading.


The internet is a great resource for images.  Sometimes you have to search a bit but it’s fast compared to visiting the local library and then finding and checking out the book you like.  Above left you can see I found a picture of Paris’ Triumphal Gate.  I used a small round brush to paint in a stylized (almost cartoon) drawings of both the Eiffel Tower and the gate.  You can use a small 2h pencil to ‘pre-draw’ in lightly the basic shapes before painting over them.  I used a watered down black with a hint of burnt umber (brown colour) to paint in the objects.  keep the overall impact a bit faded by using thinned paint, not runny, just thin. Notice how the reddish brown ‘blotting’  (sponging) that is the border blends in with the outlined drawings and gives them an aged effect.


I do admit that the next step as you can see above is a little difficult in a way.  It requires more patience.  What it is supposed to be is an old version of a map of Paris.  I wrote in the map some of the place names just to give it a little authenticity.  In fact the writing is so small it’s not really clearly legible.  Just “hinted at”, so to speak. Used a small liner brush or small round brush for this. Perhaps you could paint in a small sunflower or something native to France.


You can see on the screen I found some luggage postage stamp from the thirties or forties by googling it.In the picture on the monitor you can see that i have it flipped. Originally i was going to trace it on somehow.  I ended up just hand painting it as best I could.  I was getting short on time to have the gift complete.  On the far right above you can see that I experimented with some ‘print’ tools.  yes these are rare , hard-to-find items. Just kidding. The registered stamp effect was achieved using a Coke bottle cap dipped in the paint and pressed on.  The small circle was from other bottle that was kicking around.  For the wavy lines i stole my wife’s carrot cutter thingy.  perhaps you could find something better.

Like the comedian Red Green says “any tool can be the right tool”!  ha.


In the close shots of the stamp and the map you may notice some shiny particles around the border.  This was some silver glitter spray.  Just cover the face of the painting where you don’t want glitter.  I used the sheet with the “We’ll Always Have Paris” script.  Just weigh it down with something so the pressure from the nozzle doesn’t blow the page away!  If you want to use some spray gloss on the whole thing and to hold everything in place and then brush on thicker gloss finish if you want.  I always use a spray finish first so that if I brush on a coat of gloss finish after the brush hairs will not ‘pick up’ or remove any sparkles etc. Do remember to have a well ventilated area for spraying and do not inhale fumes.

O that’s a painting of a barn roof I started in the background.  Might post it sometime.

Well that about be it!  Just get  an inexpensive brush from a value/dollar store and use your hot glue gun to dab it in a couple places and then glue it on.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on “We’ll Always Have Paris”.  O and my daughter was thrilled with it.   Store bought gifts have their place but there’s something really special about hand made ones. See ya next time.


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