Rock or Bach

Several years ago I met a woman at my place of employment that sold and shipped large sized paintings to Ontario, Canada. She was actually looking for music to inspire her as she painted.  Her music of choice was popular Rock tunes that had been performed by orchestra.  This idea was quite in vogue back then.  One could get a ‘classical’ symphony version of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, etc. She claimed having the music was almost as necessary to her success as having a brush.

Music seems to have this magical power of support or inspiration.  Whether it is classical guitar like Liona Boyd , Murray Mclauchlan  singing Whispering Rain, Beethoven’s 6 pastoral, or Dream Theater’s “Count of Tuscanny” ,there is music to conjure up mood and emotion.

I used to think it was cheating sort of, to ‘rely’ on music ( most of which is recorded) to help pull me up from the ashes of despair to create something new.  Music, though, is a gift from God.  It emanates from the cosmos and reverberates in the puddles of our minds.  It sows harmony into the threads of our very veins and pumps rythym into our hearts. As was written about nature, “This is my Father’s world and to my listening ears all nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres…”

Music can be a great initiator of creativity for the visual artist.  Whether your ‘thing’ is Rock or Bach ( and maybe even both) I see no reason to deny it’s wonderful seduction. Do you?

My Brother's World

Painting I did for my brother. Acrylic on canvas. 24X36


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