This Time…

Laszlo by Kevin Cameron

In the movie Casablanca, Victor Laszlo is known to us as the calm yet impassioned embodiment of resistance to the Nazi regime.  He is also the husband of Ilsa for whom he has unwavering and devoted love. He is confident and stoic and kind of supplies a backbone to the wider plot of Casablanca.

In this Cartooniture I try to respect the ideal he stands for while still having fun in my own way.

Like the others this  was first hand drawn on paper and transferred to 11X14 canvas.  After which it was painted in with acrylic paint.  I think this toon became a little Picasso-esque and a  bit of cubism started to slip in with the large ,offset eyes.

Sometimes it takes several sketches ( for me at least) to arrive at a satisfactory likeness.  It often helps to squint a bit when studying from a photograph.  This helps you see the essential features.  Watching the movie or studying the person in real life, if possible, will help you notice small facial gestures and body movements which are eyes to the soul of the person you are trying to capture as a caricature.  The main thing is to not give up.  You’ll eventually be able to say, like Victor Laszlo, “This time I know we’ll win for sure”.

Stay tuned there’s lots more to come plus the grand finale when all of the characters are placed together. K


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