This was actually the licence plate of one of those newer hybrid cars that was motoring ahead of me this morning.  I had just been discussing with my wife how easy it is for us to always “practice”  the art of self-bashing or talking oneself down about their life and talent.

It is no doubt that life can be so full of really important concerns that the necessary encouraging ‘self-speak’ gets replaced with all matter of things from the financial to relationships.  This could entail so much.  We can’t run away from personal health issues, unemployment, dealing with a family member who needs attention,etc.  You know what I’m driving at.

Most of our attitude really comes from within ourselves and not really our circumstances.  Albeit circumstance can factor in however there comes a time when we have to say “Enough”!

Here is an example of what I’m saying. When I saw the licence plate that read ‘ENOUGH’ I had two instant choices for interpretation.  Was the owner of the vehicle making an almost Occupy like protest?  I mean in a negative light like saying ‘”Enough wasting of precious resources go with an alternative to fossil fuels!”  OR was the owner saying in a sense, ” I have Enough! This is all I need to get me around. I’m satisfied”

Without knocking the need to protest for what is right ( even art is used as a voice for rights,etc-eg. recently some are burning paintings as protest toward good ends) I think this analogy is perfect for how I or you interpret the information we see around us.  Aside from finding the owner of the vehicle and asking him or her why they chose such a plate, we really have no way for sure to know the original intent.

interpretFeeling down in the dumps about yourself and your art?  Try exclaiming “Enough!”  Have others told you you were a gifted artist in the past?  Do people see your art as beautiful, moving, stirring, etc? Maybe you haven’t even made a sale yet-that’s okay.  Tell yourself you have “Enough” in the sense that you do have a gift.  Keep going.  Keep believing in your gift.  Keep working at it. If you’re an artist of any kind you need your creativity and the world around you needs it too.


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