Paris on Canvas (part 2)

In the previous post I introduced you to my “We’ll Always Have Paris” project/gift. Hopefully this post will give you more insight on how I approached this.  As I said the idea came late to me and I had to cut some corners.  In the above picture you can see my 11X14 canvas with crumpled beige paper ( I used construction paper this time)  You could use any heavier paper.  Even blank newsprint might do.  The idea is to not use too heavy a paper or the watered down paint may have a difficult time soaking in and adhering to it. Just keep reading.  I hope to make it clearer.

Next you’ll want to tear the paper in different shapes and sizes.  Since you’re tearing the paper you will need a little more paper than what would naturally cover your canvas.  In this case 11X14.  So you’ll will need a bit more paper than a 11X14 sheet.

Also tear the paper so there are no straight, factory cut edges. If you do have some straight edges they will have to be folded or wrapped around the edge of the canvas in order to hide them.  The torn edges will give your work a worn, deckle edge. This deckle edge will look very nice overlapping another edge of paper.  I’ll explain more on that.

Crumbled or scrunched paper in water.

Take your pieces of scrunched paper.  You don’t need to make them a complete ball when scrunching.  Just a little loose crumpled ball is enough.

It’s time to get the paper soaking in the water.

The idea is to have the paper wet and the canvas wet with water based,acrylic paint and the two will stick to each other and then dry glued. A lot of time we tend to forget that paint itself is a pretty good glue or adhesive.


Drizzled white paint.


In this picture you’ll see that I squeezed white paint right on to the canvas from the paint bottle. You may recall saying I mixed the paint with water just to thin it out a bit..not too much.  I did this by having a jar of clean water ready for my brush to dip into. I used a 3 cm or 1 inch flat wash brush (as you see in the photo).  You could use a larger 2 inch if you liked.  Dip the brush into the water-don’t damp dry it but use it dripping wet to mix in with the paint already on the canvas.  Cover the canvas with this thinned paint including the sides/edges of the canvas.  Remember the paint doesn’t have to be too watery just a little thinner so the paint will adhere to the wet paper more thoroughly.  If you measured it the water would likely be only a 1 part water to 6-8 parts paint.

Here is the painted canvas.

So that’s it for this post in the Paris on Canvas painting.  I’ll try to upload more soon… at least before the paint dries..ha…booo

see ya soon!  (Part 3 here)

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