Paris on Canvas

It was just a few days away from my daughter’s birthday and I had bought her a beautifully decorated luggage case.  It was sort of an art deco piece with 30’s or 40’s luggage stamps, and travel paraphernalia /decoration.  For example it had scenes of Paris ( Eiffel tower,etc) faux decoupaged inside and out.  This gave me an idea.  What if I could make her a gift that she could hang on her wall?   Having watched Casablanca recently and knowing her love for places like London and Paris I came up with the idea of painting the words “We’ll Always have Paris” ( from Casablanca) on to a canvas with a papier colle’ effect.  This would give it that Old World feel.

To be honest, this effect is usually achieved with paste and glaze.  I was in a hurry and only having several hours I decided to stick with paint.  Literally. The less I had to deal with then the faster i knew this could be done. In fact I was in such a hurry that the floor of my art studio became my table since my table was already busy with other projects.


In this blog series I will attempt to show you how this was done and finished on time. ( Part 2 here)


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